Write with Your Senses

Inspired by one of his favorite authors, Tomie dePaola, Mr. Horell recently encouraged his 2-4 Team students to “write with your senses.”

Mr. Horell asked students to think about their favorite food, and then list five sensory words to describe it. The next step: using the five sensory word, write a short poem about that food.

As an example:

Doughnuts are so soft and flaky
I eat them when I first wake-y
That sweet chocolate taste
A crumb I won’t waste
They smell like a delicious bake-ry.

And from a student:

I eat goldfish every day
They cheer me up in every way
They’re salty and crunchy
Cheesy and munchy
Their colors make me want to play.

Thomas Anthony “Tomie” dePaola (Sep 1934 – Mar 2020) was an American writer and illustrator of more than 250 children’s books but is best known for his book Strega Nona. In Strega Nona, the title character’s magic pasta pot creates so much pasta it nearly floods and buries the town.

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