Third Floor Doors

Say It with Color

We’re in the midst of a Door Decorating Contest for “I Love LGS” Week and the 3rd floor is particularly colorful and Up-lifting! Check out the colorful bees and butterflies of Rm 308, the colorful student-made hands of Rm 306, and the Up-inspired door of Rm 304—including balloons!

Thank you, 4-6 Team staff and students, music teacher Mrs. Gronauer, Behavior Coordinator Mr. Brill, Occupational Therapist Mrs. Mithoefer, Director of Student Services Mrs. Nieport, and everyone who helped create a colorful and inspiring I Love LGS Week!

Scroll down to vote for your favorite door on the third floor hallway. Winners will be announced Friday, January 21.

Vote for your favorite third floor door!

Third Floor Doors

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