Think Global, Act Local

4-8 grade students traveled the world (virtually) this week, learning about life in countries from Australia to Japan to Germany. Students were also encouraged to consider how they could help improve the world, through local acts of kindness.

Inspired by the book Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, students explored what it would be like to live in different countries around the world, including the kind of house they might live in, the clothes they might wear, their games, dances, music, and more. Students designed their own Australian boomerangs and Japanese fans, and also enjoyed experiencing and participating in a performance by local German dancers!

Earth Day cookiesWhile there may be differences among people from different places around the world, in many ways we’re still the same. We still like to have fun, and make friends, and experience kindness. To reinforce this idea, LGS student made “earth cookies” decorated with a candy heart. They also painted and distributed “inspirational earth rocks”: students painted rocks with blue and green, added inspirational words, and then placed the rocks in different areas of LGS’s campus

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