The Grovery Grand Opening

Dear Family and Friends,

The Applied Skills class will be celebrating the grand opening of The Grovery Store on November 2nd.  We will be stocking our shelves with tasty goodies that the students and the staff will enjoy. Students will be able to purchase beverages such as Carpi Suns, Apple and Orange Juice boxes, White Milk and Chocolate Milk. We will also be selling string cheese, Cheez-Its, Sun Chips, Lays Potato Chips, Go-Gurts and Gold Fish snacks!

The Grovery will be open Monday- Friday from 2:30- 3:00 PM. The Applied Skills students will be traveling around the school selling snacks to other students and staff during their Wrap-Up time. Snacks and beverages can be saved for after school activities, a car ride home, or during Wrap-Up. Students and staff must pay cash and snack prices are listed below:

Capri Sun $ .50
Juice box (orange or apple) $ .75
Milk, chocolate or white $1.00
String Cheese or Go-Gurt $ .50
Pretzels, Sun Chips, Fritos $ .75

*Milk is also sold during lunch time.

Please send any questions to Miss Perlson at Thank you so much for your help! We are looking forward to serving you.


Miss Perlson
Applied Skills Teacher

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