The Great Cookie Dunk

Mrs. Wink’s 2-4 Team science students recently had an opportunity to compare items that floated in liquid and those that didn’t—with tasty results!

Students watched a video showing various items that sank in water (a treasure chest and a rock) and other things that floated (an ice cube and a hollow boat). They talked about different characteristics that seem to affect an object’s ability to float, including its weight and its shape.*

Next, students were given three different cookies: an Oreo, a Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookie, and a vanilla wafer. Using their eyes and their sense of touch, students were asked to describe the cookies. For example: do they have little holes in them? Can you easily scratch the surface of the cookie with your fingernail? Students were then asked to predict whether each cookie would sink or float when dropped in a glass of milk.

Now the fun part: actually dropping each cookie in its own glass of milk and observing what happens! Then students described the results on their worksheets with words and/or pictures.

A tasty opportunity to gain experience in the scientific method!


*Whether an object sinks or floats depends on its density.

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Cookie Dunk 1Cookie Dunk 2Cookie Dunk 3
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