THANKSgiving Feast with Friends

LGS’s Fall Feast is one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

Held the last school day before Thanksgiving, students bring their favorite food to share with classmates and staff. There’s french fries, mac-and-cheese, pizza, Goldfish crackers, doughnut holes, and more. LGS parents also provide turkey and traditional side dishes.

LGS’s Fall Feast encourages students to share what they love most with friends and others. It’s also a reflection of America’s first Thanksgiving . . . .

It was in 1620 when, after plowing through the tumultuous Atlantic waves, battling strong winds, and coping with a number of problems with their vessel that the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. In the beginning, life at Plymouth was difficult. But, gradually, the pilgrims adjusted to their new home, learning how to work together to plant crops, build homes, and – more importantly – build trading relationships and even friendships with the local Indians.

Many LGS students pass through a “tumultuous” environment and face various difficulties before landing at LGS. At first, students may find it difficult to adjust to the school’s routines and expectations, but as students adjust they learn how to work together on class projects and begin to build friendships.

In the fall of 1621 the pilgrims declared a day of Thanksgiving and prepared a feast – a feast which included their best and most beloved offerings. And the pilgrims governor, William Bradford, remarked, “Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing, and gives being to all things. . . .  ”

At Linden Grove School’s Fall Feast, students offer the best they can offer to fellow students and staff. And the community of Linden Grove School is better for their generosity. And the value of each student – their interests and their offerings – is reinforced.

And, thus, out of small beginnings, greater things are produced.

To all LGS students and their families, and to everyone in our community, Happy Thanksgiving.

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