Teaching Students: A 30-Year Vocation

Peg Ballard’s vocation has always been to teach students. It began more than thirty years ago with a small parent cooperative for families whose children did not fit the mainstream education system and continued as the cooperative grew and evolved into Linden Grove School. It continued until her retirement earlier this year.

Ms. Ballard’s dedication showed daily in her classes: in giving careful instructions, in responding to “off topic” comments and calmly redirecting students, and in allowing students the time they needed to process information and formulate a response. Ms. Ballard enjoyed getting to know students and “what makes them tick” — then she knew how to motivate them and help them learn!

Ms. Ballard took joy in her students and activities throughout the school: she cheered students racing up and down the hallways in an “Olympic” relay, and delighted as students entered her room to carefully and thoughtfully take pictures for an art project.

It was always all about the students.

Thank you, Ms. Ballard, for your 30 years of service. You will be missed.

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