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Beloved Bear Inspires Grammar Lesson

Finding Winnie

Some of the best stories are real stories.

In this case it’s the story of Winnie, the black bear who inspired some of the best-loved children’s stories featuring a bear and his friends who live in the Hundred Acre Wood.

LGS 4-6 team students recently enjoyed the book Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear, by Lindsay Mattick. The book is a story within a story: a mother is telling her son a bedtime story about a Canadian soldier in World War I who stumbles upon a baby black bear.

Because the book takes place in a present day setting as well as the past, it provided an opportunity for a lesson on verb tenses.

Using verbs from the book, students identified “clues” which help identify the tense:

            Past tense:       -ed       (he jumped, she watched)

            Present tense:   -s       (he jumps, she watches)

            Future tense:   will      (he will jump, she will watch)

The students were challenged by some irregular verbs like “ate” and did very well.

Pooh would be pleased.

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