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Summer Camp Assistance Fund

For kids with autism, summer vacation can be 10 weeks filled with loneliness and even anxiety.

When these students lose the socialization and structure the school year provides, they often withdraw and may struggle behaviorally.

Linden Grove School’s Summer Camp activities provide fun, engaging activities for kids with autism – activities led by LGS staff adept at encouraging positive behavior and social skills.

Each week of Summer Camp is based on a different theme from engineering to superheroes, from art to animals. Hands-on activities at school and related excursions in the community offer students unique experiences while providing structured learning in math, science, reading and writing.

But too many LGS students don’t attend Summer Camp because families simply can’t afford the fees. Scholarships and tuition assistance that help with school-year costs don’t extend to the summer months.

You can help. 

Donate today to Linden Grove School’s Summer Camp Assistance Fund.

Give a Linden Grove student a summer of structured learning, ongoing support services and fun!

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