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Building Social Skills with LEGO

It’s Monday morning and in Mrs. Kubachka’s classroom students are gathered in small groups working intently on LEGO™ projects including a drumming monkey and a chomping alligator.

Students were organized into groups of three, and each has his or her own job: engineer, supplier or builder. The engineer has the instruction on a laptop, the supplier has the pieces, and the builder builds their creation. The engineer must tell the supplier which pieces to give to the builder, and then describe to the builder how to put the pieces together without showing them the pictures.

This is definitely not free time — it’s a social skills class. 

The format of the class — with engineer, supplier, and builder — encourages students with social difficulties to work together and use effective complex language to make themselves understood.

Students eagerly look forward to the opportunity to build various projects, while unknowingly increasing their communication and social skills.

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