The Right Tools

Linden Grove School students benefit from a range of sensory supplies and equipment designed to help with regulation, improve focus, and . . . . help students LEARN! To ensure student success, LGS needs to maintain a supply of noise-cancelling headphones, alternative seating options, fidgets, and sensory equipment ranging from swings to trampolines to scooters. Contributions make it possible.

Technology plays a critical role in helping students with autism achieve success in the classroom. Technology makes visual images more appealing and can maintain the attention of students to a much greater extent than a textbook or pure lecture. Contributions ensure Linden Grove School’s ability to purchase and upgrade hardware and software for the benefit of all students in grades K-8.

To help ensure student success, LGS is continually investigating the latest research-based teaching methods and materials, ranging from resources for computer science and robotics classes, to LEGO® Education kits designed to increase language skills.

Tools and resources proven to increase student success are only available to LGS students through contributions from people like YOU.

On Giving Tuesday, what will you give?