Giving Tuesday

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday, raising more than $25,000 for Linden Grove School.

Your generosity ensured a $20,000 Challenge Match from an anonymous donor, increasing our campaign total to more than $45,000!

Contributions help Linden Grove School maintain small class sizes and highly personalized supports according to each child’s needs and interests. More importantly, donations help students develop the confidence and skills to experience success beyond Linden Grove School, and become active members of our community.

Click on the images below for a sample of how your support makes a difference in the life of a child.



* The number of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is increasing every year. Nearly half of these students have average or above average intellectual abilities, and yet the majority are unemployed. Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-$262 billion annually. A majority of these costs are in adult services — $175 billion, compared to $61 to $66 billion for children.