Students, Write on Your Desks – Please!

How awesome.

Linden Grove School students get to write on their desks!

Using dry erase markers – the markers used on white boards in classrooms and offices – students can do math problems on their desks.

It’s so much cooler than doing math problems in a workbook or a single sheet of paper.

And it allows teachers like Mrs. Kubachka, assisted by Mr. Lovaas, to select math problems for each individual student depending on how easily they are grasping a particular concept. Most recently, students of the 4-6 Team were learning how to multiply by powers of ten. (You remember: 7.32 x 10 = 73.2, or 9 x 103 = 9,000.)

In other schools, students might get in trouble for writing on desks. But at Linden Grove School, it helps make learning fun!

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