Students Give Back on Giving Tuesday

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This year, LGS Applied Skills students joined the Giving Tuesday movement.

Giving Tuesday—the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—is a global effort encouraging people to give to help those less fortunate in their community whether it’s a gift of time, a financial contribution, donated items, or simply giving the power of your voice to raise awareness about a cause or organization.

For their contribution, the Applied Skills students discussed what it means to be homeless and how homeless people might feel during the holiday season. The students decided to put together care packages and came up with a list of items to include: toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap, wipes, tissues, deodorant, Chapstick, peanut butter crackers, water bottle, mints and a handwritten note.

The items were purchased with some of the money the students earned from Café 201 and the Grovery. On Giving Tuesday, the students put together four care packages including the handwritten notes. That evening, Applied Skills teacher Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker went downtown and while there saw exactly four homeless people. They asked each one if they wanted the care package and they each said yes.

Thank you to Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker for supporting the students’ project to give back.

And a special thank you to the students – may your efforts inspire people to join the Giving Tuesday movement.

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