Students Explore Da Vinci—The Genius

Students traveled back in time to explore the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci hands-on.

On a field trip to the Da Vinci exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center, our team of students and staff from grades 6 through 8 explored life-size reproductions of dozens of Da Vinci’s inventions ranging from a flying machine to a deep-water diving suit. Wooden machines created opportunities to learn about the science behind Da Vinci’s inventions with chances to push, pull, crank and spin. And an animated analysis of Da Vinci’s most famous painting “Mona Lisa” brought the Renaissance to life.

Da Vinci Exhibit-3
No exhibit Da Vinci would be complete without the Mona Lisa (not actual size!) Shown left to right: Max Siekman, Lindsey Parker, Max Steinberg, Brendon Sears, Caleb Smith.
Da Vinci Exhibit-2
Kiely Boone lends a hand to Avery Schonberg at one of the many hands-on exhibits.
Da Vinci Exhibit-1
Max Rauch activates a wooden machine explaining the science behind Da Vinci’s inventions.














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