Strolling through Earth’s History

How can you imagine 4.6 billion years? And how does it compare with the length of time humans have been on the earth?

To gain a perspective of the scale of earth’s history, 6-8 team science students created geological timelines on the second and third floor hallways of the school building. In their timelines, one meter represents 100,000,000 years; so students measured off 46 meters for their 4.6 billion year timeline.

Along the timelines were added significant events, including:

    Earth takes form – 4.6 billion years ago (46.0 meters)

    First life – 3.5 billion years ago (35.0 meters)

    First birds – 150 million years ago (1.5 meters)

    Dinosaur extinction – 66 million years ago (66.0 centimeters)

    Ice age begins – 2 million years ago (2.0 centimeters)

After the timeline was constructed, students worked in teams to complete a scavenger hunt by finding answers to various questions, such as: When did the age of dinosaurs (Mesozoic era) begin? When did the first true mammals exist?

The geological timelines will remain on the hallway floors through the end of the school year — feel free to stop by and take a stroll through the eras of earth’s history.


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