St. Saviour Community —Inspiring LGS since 2002

For more than 15 years the St. Saviour Community has inspired LGS staff and families through its spirit of cooperation and generosity. What Linden Grove School is especially grateful for, however, is the way members of St. Saviour have welcomed and embraced LGS students.

LGS began renting classrooms and office space on the first floor of St. Saviour’s Education Center in 2002. With the 2019-2020 school year, LGS will utilize all available space in the three-story building. In addition, St. Savior allows the school to utilize the church undercroft throughout the year for a range of activities including parent meetings, after-school cooking classes, and a Holiday Shop for students.

St. Saviour’s spirit of cooperation is continually demonstrated by its openness to facilitate shared space for LGS classes during the week and Parish School of Religion (PSR) classes on the weekend. When LGS schedules the church undercroft for activities, parish staff strive to prepare the space for the school’s needs. In return, LGS always endeavors to clean and prepare the same space for the next parish event.

St. Saviour and its staff members also support LGS’s Giving Tuesday and Signature Event fundraisers. In return, LGS staff and families have monthly collections for St. Saviour’s food pantry and support the St. Saviour Festival: LGS families and staff not only attend the festival, enjoying various rides, games, and food booths; LGS sponsors the Dessert Booth with families and staff providing baked goods.

While the St. Saviour community has inspired LGS through its spirit of cooperation and generosity, LGS is especially grateful for the way members of St. Saviour have welcomed and embraced LGS students. St. Saviour staff members interact with LGS students at events such as the school’s annual Trunk or Treat and Friday breakfasts served by LGS Café students. But even just walking in the school building during the school day, St. Saviour staff engage with students, asking them “How’s it going?” and making students feel welcome.

Thank you, St. Saviour – you are an inspiration and an encouragement for all at LGS!

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