Squanto’s Journey

In Squanto’s Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving, author Joseph Bruchac lets Squanto tell his own story. His tale begins with meeting and befriending Captain John Smith, and then being captured by the English and enslaved. This is followed by his return to North America, only to learn his people had died of smallpox. Finally, Squanto relates his life with the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.

The book offers insights into the daily life of Squanto and Native Americans during the early 17th century. For example, Squanto mentions hunting and trading, and describes how he taught the pilgrims how to plant corn, squash and beans in mounds of soil with fish as fertilizer.

Squanto’s Journey also encourages a review of history from multiple perspectives. This helps to deepen our understanding of history and how past experiences might impact future feelings and actions.

For a video recording of a reading of Squanto’s Journey, click here.

Thank you to Greater Cincinnati Foundation for a 2020 grant to Linden Grove School in support of resources and activities to encourage a consideration of history from multiple perspectives and how past experiences can influence the way people feel and act

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