Special Interests, Special Friends

Each member of Linden Grove School’s Class of 2018 has unique talents and interests.

One student is a talented artist. Another enjoys creating his own musical compositions using the computer application MuseScore. One student looks forward to a future working with animals, and another wants to cook food in a restaurant.

Whether their favorite class was art or music, math or science, social studies or reading, all students believe LGS has prepared them for high school in a variety of ways. Some say LGS has helped them learn how to follow directions and complete assignments. Others say LGS has taught them about sensory breaks and how to manage their behavior. All say LGS has helped them learn how to make friends and to have FUN!

Friends are what graduates will miss most about LGS. But they look forward to making new friends — friends with whom they can share their special interests.

Members of the Class of 2018 have their own interests and favorite memories of LGS. Clockwise from top: Daaks Austin; Nicholas Savchenko swinging in the sensory room; Finn Davitt and Simon Evans, whose egg survived the drop from a firetruck ladder; Max Siekman making his own pizza crust during a school outing to Pizzeria Locale.

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