Committee Drafts Plan for Continued Success

By Jonathan Batross, Board President

Final edits are underway on the 2017-18 Strategic Plan draft before presentation to the Board of Trustees and Advisory Board. The Strategic Planning Committee—a diverse group of parents, professionals and school staff—has focused on:

  • Space – Physical needs commensurate with the quality of our programs and potential to support growth;
  • Staff – Resources to continue to attract and retain qualified staff, and provide development opportunities;
  • Sustainability – Plan for growth that carefully balances an expansion of programs and services, and an increase in financial resources to meet short-term needs and ensure long-term viability.

As a parent, I have experienced the positive impact Linden Grove School has on students, not only in the primary school years but on through high school and beyond. I am honored to have been selected to play a role in ensuring the future of Linden Grove School for the students and their families. Our strategic planning efforts will help to guide us in decision making and allow us to focus on building upon our success.

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