Social Skills Help Measure the Size of the Problem

Social Skills classes and one-on-one sessions not only help LGS students improve social interactions, they also provide students with tools to help them respond effectively to problems at school, in their personal lives, and—as they mature—in adult life. One tool LGS staff utilize with students is asking them to consider: “How big is the problem?” For example:

  • Small problems can be solved on one’s own: a broken pencil or losing a game.
  • Medium problems may require some help: trouble with a math problem or a lost coat.
  • Big problems need big help! Examples include a serious illness or disaster.

Once students learn to identify the size of the problem, they learn small or medium problems need small or medium reactions such as saying “It’s ok, it;s not a big deal,” or asking another person for help. Further, a BIG reaction to a small problem can negatively impact relationships with others—yelling and screaming over a lost game may discourage future invitation to play.

LGS social skills classes and supports are critical for success in school and life. The extent of these supports depends on contributions.

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