Snow Day Strategies for Families with ASD

Just the hint of flurries and students start thinking about the possibility of one of the most desired winter events: a snow day. But for kids on the spectrum and their families, the change in routine created by snow days can cause stress and anxiety.

A little advance planning, however, can help reduce anxieties and perhaps create an enjoyable experience for parents and their children.

  • Talk about the possibility of a snow day before it happens. Explain the snow can make it difficult for students and teachers to get to school, using pictures if necessary. Also talk about the fun activities that can be done instead of going to school.
  • Prepare a snow day “stay at home” box. Fill it with movies, books, games or other items available only when your child must stay at home.
  • Go outside and play in the snow. Make a snowman, snowballs or snow angels. Sledding can help with balance and coordination.
  • Bring the snow inside. Fill a large plastic container with snow and bring it inside. Children can use sand toys, plastic trucks or animals to enjoy the snow before it melts.

Although a change in routine can be unsettling, a snow day can offer everyone on the family some much needed rest and relaxation watching favorite movies, playing board games, even making favorite treats in the kitchen.



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