Sidewalk Sensory Paths

If you’ve ever walked to the far end of the 2nd floor hall in Linden Grove School, you’ve seen on the hallway floor a path created by nature themed-decals in the shape of lily pads, tree stumps, rocks and more. Signs and images inspire students (and others) to “touch your toes,” “spin,” hop over ponds, and more.

Just like adults, kids often need a break from sitting at their desk during the day. The sensory path offers them the chance to go out to the hallway and jump, hop, spin, and clap; and then return to their desk ready to learn. Sensory paths also help with motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

While learning from home during the COVID-19, students and families were encouraged to create their own sensory path outside using sidewalk chalk. It doesn’t matter what the sensory path includes, as long as it helps you get moving and have fun!

Our good friends at Kid Power Therapy offer this video of a Sidewalk Sensory Path:

Path #2! Have a great day!!

Posted by Kid Power Therapy Services on Saturday, April 4, 2020
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