Sensory Supports Increase Long-Term Success

Sensory activities help students and adults experience success at school, at work and in their personal lives. Chewing gum, for example, reduces anxiety and improves concentration. A few jumping jacks or push-ups increase energy and attention.

Linden Grove School staff collaborate to create a personal sensory plan for each student.  A plan might include:

  • Walking – taking a brief walk at specified intervals.
  • Brushing – brushing the body with a small surgical brush.
  • Therapeutic listening – listening to carefully selected music.
  • Fidgets – objects to keep students’ hands busy.
  • Desk accommodations – standing desk, specialized seating, etc.
  • Objects to chew – pencil toppers, chewable jewelry, and more.
  • Push-ups, jumping – includes push-ups against a wall or jumping on a trampoline.

During the day, if a student is losing focus or becoming overly stressed a staff member might ask, “Do you need a break?” Ultimately, staff work with students to help them identify when they are feeling stressed or fatigued and the tools they can use to help them adjust and get back on track.

Contributions make sensory supports and resources possible.

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