Sensory Supports Increase Long-Term Success

Sensory activities help students and adults experience success at school, work, and in their personal lives. Chewing gum, for example, reduces anxiety and improves concentration. A few jumping jacks or push-ups increase energy and attention.

Linden Grove School employs a full-time Sensory Coordinator who collaborates with program staff to create a personal sensory plan for each student – a sensory plan designed to maximize students’ learning potential, decrease negative behaviors, and increase socialization.  A sensory diet might include:

  • Walking – taking a brief walk at specified intervals.
  • Brushing – brushing the body with a small surgical brush.
  • Therapeutic listening – listening to nature sounds or carefully selected music.
  • Fidgets – objects to keep students’ hands busy.
  • Desk accommodations – standing desk, specialized seating, or stretch bands on chair legs, etc.
  • Push-ups, jumping – includes push-ups done against a wall or jumping on a trampoline.

Sensory plans may include specific activities at designated times throughout the day. Additionally, if LGS staff see a student losing focus or becoming over-stressed or excited they might ask, “Do you need a break?” Ultimately, staff work with students to help them identify when they are feeling stressed or fatigued, and the tools they can use to help them adjust and get back on track – not only to help them succeed at Linden Grove School, but in high school and beyond.

Your financial support provides sensory supports and equipment for LGS students.

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