Sensory Equipment

Children with autism often have difficulty maintaining focus.

This can result in students not understanding or remembering what is being taught. This, in turn, makes it difficult for students to complete assignments and prepare for tests, often leading to feelings of failure and low self-esteem.

Linden Grove School (LGS) staff members continuously work to identify and maintain the best learning environment for each individual student. Each classroom includes sensory tools and equipment, such as active seating options like exercise balls and wobble stools to provide the constant motion some children with autism need to be more attentive. Other students benefit from foot and finger fidgets, or even exercise bands tied around the legs of a chair.

Each new student often requires new equipment and supplies to help them maximize their learning potential. But as LGS continues to grow, so does the impact of the cost of these items on the school’s annual budget.

Support a student.

Your contribution will ensure each student has the classroom equipment and supplies that can help them maintain focus – and learn.

Costs range from $100 for a wobble stool, to $50 for fidget spinners for a class, to $25 for exercise bands for a classroom of chairs.

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