Self Esteem

My son is reading, writing and participating in activities with other children. He has gained self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

—Rhonda from Morrow, OH


It is a wonderful school. The small class sizes really help these kids get the attention they need. The special classes (art and music) have improved every year my son has been at LGS and they continue to work on growing the program. We couldn’t be happier with our choice for our son.

—Jeff from Wyoming, OH


Low self-esteem among students with autism can negatively impact their ability to learn and make friends.

To encourage self-esteem, a sense of belonging is cultivated by encouraging students to work in pairs of groups and by displaying student projects throughout the classrooms and hallways. Small class sizes enable teachers to build, strong positive relationships with students, creating opportunities for highly personalized supports and attention according to each student’s personal interests and strengths.


Positive self-esteem is also encouraged by creating opportunities to explore and develop personal interests outside of academic subjects.

After school activities available at Linden Grove School range from Taekwondo classes to private music lessons. The school’s Summer Camp offerings are based on themes ranging from Everything Art to Awesome Animals. Older students can also choose from various class electives including Robotics, Rock Band and Art and Technology.

Developing personal interests in sports, art, music or others areas creates opportunities for students to become involved in recreational activities in high school and beyond, laying the foundation for personal relationships and community involvement as adults.

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