Roll-a-Dough Letters

LGS students have been working on improving their handwriting and strengthening their hand muscles, all while having fun with Play-Doh!*

Students use the Play-Doh to shape letters on cards inserted into a plastic tray. On this day, students were practicing letters that start with a “Magic C” including C, G, O and Q.

Roll-a-Dough Letters are part of the Handwriting without Tears program designed to help children develop their writing skills through multi-sensory, play-based instruction. Children who master handwriting are more likely to succeed in school, writing with speed and ease in all subjects.

*Fun Fact: Play-Doh was created in Cincinnati as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. Inspired by a newspaper article describing student art projects made with the wallpaper cleaning putty, the manufacturer reworked and marketed the compound as a child’s toy beginning in the 1950s.

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