Rockin’ the Regions

Each region in the United States has features that make it different.

Mrs. Kubachka’s social studies students can tell you not only about the geography, climate, resources and economy of each region but also the people who live there and aspects which make each region unique.

For example, can you name the regions with the following characteristics? (answers are below)


  1.     The land includes the Appalachian Mountains and a coastal plain.

Puritans and Pilgrims were among the earliest settlers.

Most of the American Revolution was fought here.

The region is known for beautiful fall foliage, maple syrup and lobsters.


  1.      Warm climate, plentiful rainfall, and fertile soil allowed large plantations to flourish

Before the Civil War, many plantations utilized slaves from Africa for workers.

Leading products include cotton, peanuts, tobacco, and oranges.

Space research is done in many states.


  1.      The land includes five Great Lakes and the Mississippi River

The fertile soil makes this a great farming region for wheat and other products.

Trains and steamboats brought people to this region from elsewhere in the US.

Cities grew as did factories – in particular, the auto industry in centralized in this region.


  1.     This large region includes the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains

Water is scarce in many areas, creating desert landscapes with different types of cactus.

Farming, mining, cattle and fishing are popular industries, as is the movie industry.

Settlers traveled to this region – sometimes in covered wagons – for farming land or to mine for gold.

Next, students will take a closer look at their home state of Ohio.



(Answers: 1. East, 2. South, 3. Midwest, 4. West)

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