Rock Lab

Winter Break has ended and for students in Mrs. Bachman’s science classes that means — in relation to their studies of earth’s resources — turning their attention from living resources (plants and animals) to non-living resources, beginning with rocks.

A rock is a rock – right?


Through observation and testing, students learned how rocks can differ in color, texture and even hardness. They used a magnifying glass to look at the color, they felt the rocks to determine their texture, and then they used a penny to try to scratch the rocks to test each one’s hardness. Students recorded the results of their observations and tests on a data sheet.

Rock Lab 1Rock Lab 2Rock Lab 3

The characteristics of a rock can help determine how it was formed and what kind of rock it is. There are three types of rocks — igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary — and rocks continuously change from one type to another through Mother Nature’s “recycling” process.

To learn more, watch this Scholastic Study Jams! Video.

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