Promoting Honor and Respect

Linden Grove School offers a variety of after-school clubs and activities throughout the year, ranging from robotics and music lessons, to swimming and its own scout group, Dingoes.


Taekwondo classes are offered at LGS through the Ahn Taekwondo Institute – a local martial arts school known for its quality instruction with a flare for FUN. Students will learn basic motions, forms and techniques while working on coordination, flexibility, listening, cooperation, and more. At the end of each term, students may also have the opportunity to test and rank up to the next color belt.  


This week, during the final session of the spring term, students demonstrated various taekwondo movements including “breaking” boards with hands, feet and elbows!

The American Taekwondo Association, in partnership with Autism Speaks, has developed a training program for martial arts instructors working with students on the spectrum. Trained instructors utilize Songahm Taekwondo, a curriculum that systematically promotes discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty — learned behaviors that extend far beyond the mats.


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