Plan for Growth Apparent as 2021-2022 School Year Begins

This fall Linden Grove School welcomed 99 students and 57 staff members—the school’s largest enrollment and team of professionals to date. Further, this will be the first full school year 6-8 Team students will attend classes in LGS’s new Middle School building, with remaining LGS students spread throughout the three floors of the main school building.

Increased enrollment and physical space are just two aspects of Linden Grove School’s “Plan for Growth”—a multi-year Strategic Plan with inter-related goals approved by LGS’s Board of Trustees in July 2020. Also included are strategies to increase learning and recreational opportunities for students and families, expand staff recruitment and training programs, and grow LGS’s financial resources for the continued delivery of quality programs as well as the school’s long-term sustainability.

For more information, see LGS’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan—A Plan for Growth.

Photo: Mrs. Kuehnle’s classroom in the Middle School building.

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