Parts of a Plant

With spring in the air, Ms. Wagner’s K-2 science students are learning about the parts of a plant, their functions, and have even been talking about the parts they like to eat.

In their most recent class, students completed a worksheet identifying four plant parts:

  • Roots – hold a plant in the soil and take in nutrients and water.
  • Stem – holds up the plant.
  • Leaves – take in light that the plant uses to make food.
  • Flowers – turn into fruit which has seeds; seeds can grow into new plants.

Students also had an opportunity to answer the question:  What fruits do you like to eat? Watermelon? Strawberries?

They were also asked: What else do you like to eat? Can you identify what part of the plant  it is?

  • Roots – carrot, radish, beet
  • Stem – asparagus, celery
  • Leaves – lettuce, cabbage
  • Flowers – cauliflower, broccoli
  • Seeds – corn, peas  

What are your favorite plant parts to eat?




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