Meet Our Staff

Cosette Neely

Behavior Specialist

If Mrs. Neely could be any animal she would choose an elephant because they are majestic, have no natural predators, and have incredible memories. The two people she would most like to meet are conservationist and animal welfare champion Jane Goodall, and Gene Kelly! Mrs. Neely describes herself as positive, adaptive and caring – and we completely agree!

Parent Testimonials

We are thrilled with our decision to enroll our son at LGS! Our son is being pushed to reach his full potential while being given the proper supports. I am comforted by the frequent communication with staff, and appreciative of the therapies and extra curricular activities available."

Denise from Mt. Orab, OH

We love LGS because they make our son feel happy. For once he loves school and is thriving socially, mentally, and emotionally."

Sarah & Rick from Hamilton, OH