Meet Our Staff

Candace Stevens

Behavior Coordinator

If Ms. Stevens could be any animal it would be a hummingbird because “they’re beautiful and never in one place for too long.” As a behavior coordinator, Ms. Stevens moves throughout the building every day, never staying in one place too long, helping students “become all that they can be.” When she’s not at LGS, she enjoys Starbucks, baking/cooking, and hiking.

Parent Testimonials

Our son has received all the services and supports he needs at school. He has made so many friends and he is able to come home and tell me about them. He is soooo happy & loves school. He can’t wait to go every day!"

Genna & Brad, West Chester

Our son’s needs were never addressed previous to coming to LGS. We now feel like we know exactly what is going on with our son and what changes in his routine need to happen to match his needs. We feel much more connected to the Linden Grove School Community. 


Robert & Kelly, Cheviot