Mountain, Warrior, Cobra and More

Throughout the year, Ms. Foster’s Physical Education classes encourage students to participate in activities ranging from training for the Flying Pig Kids Marathon, to learning basic soccer skills, to improving their bowling score. Students frequently discover new interests and new talents, inspiring them to maintain a lifetime of physical activity and perhaps become involved in fitness groups or sports teams.

Most recently, Ms. Foster’s students learned about yoga which is not only beneficial for developing balance, strength and flexibility; it also encourages increased self-awareness and self-regulation.

Students worked as a class and in small groups to practice basic poses including Mountain, Warrior, and Cobra. They then played “Night at the Yoga Museum”: with the classroom lights dimmed, students had to maintain yoga poses like statues in a museum while Ms. Foster made her rounds with a vigilant eye for unexpected movement.

Hopefully, Ms. Foster’s unit on yoga will encourage students—and perhaps staff members—to practice yoga regularly.




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