Mindfulness in Art, Music

For the upcoming school year, Linden Grove School 6-8 team students must choose one elective in robotics or computer science, as well as one elective in music or art. Among the music and art electives are options related to “mindfulness” – how to use music or art as a tool for coping, enjoyment and expression.  

During an initial art class, students were provided with paints and encouraged to simply paint a series of swirling lines or circles. The focus of this and related activities is not on the quality of product, but on how the activity itself can benefit a person’s and body.

The benefits of art and music therapy have been recognized since at least the 1940s; current popular options range from adult coloring books and “sip and stroke” establishments, to armchair conductors and Garage Band app enthusiasts.

Linden Grove School’s hope is to encourage students to explore activities which can help them unwind and relax, and potentially create interests which will, in the future, encourage positive social interactions.

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