Majestic Monarchs

Butterfly display at Krohn Conservatory6-8 Team students walked among hundreds of butterflies at the Krohn Conservatory’s annual butterfly show.

The theme of this year’s show is “The Majestic Monarch” – the well-known butterfly with the orange and black wings that travels as much as 3,000 miles during its annual migration.

Monarch populations have “decreased significantly” during the last two decades, largely due to habitat loss. By featuring the monarch, Krohn Conservatory hopes to raise awareness about the plight of this iconic pollinator and the importance of creating and preserving butterfly habitats.

But monarchs weren’t the only species enjoyed by LGS students – there are more than 75 different kinds of butterflies on display, with about 1,200 total butterflies on exhibit at any given time. Students were able to observe the flowers butterflies seemed most attracted to, and used “landing pads” to observe butterflies up close.


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