Madagascar: A Lesson in Friendship and Teamwork

MadagascarStudies have shown attending live theatre performances enhance academic knowledge and emotional learning in ways reading and watching movies cannot.

Throughout the year, Linden Grove School students benefit greatly from performances of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. The most recent production – Madagascar: A Musical Adventure – tells the story of a group of animals who escape the Central Park Zoo in New York City and find themselves on an unexpected journey to Madagascar.

Madagascar’s cast includes animals ranging from a lion to a lemur to penguins, and offers information on the animals themselves and the relationships they have with each other in the animal kingdom.

The musical also offers an opportunity to learn about Madagascar – a huge island nation off the coast of Africa, home to animals found nowhere else on the globe and known for producing some of the world’s best chocolate!

But, perhaps more importantly, Madagascar offers insights into different personalities, and explores the themes of friendship, forgiveness, and teamwork as the animals learn how to work together to solve problems.

Listed below are main characters from Madagascar and their personality traits. Who do you think you are most like, (or would like to be like)?

Alex (lion, Africa) – Headstrong, stuck up, full of himself, self-absorbed, flamboyant, kind, funny, smart, quick thinking, fun, Heroic, caring

Marty (zebra, Africa) – Humorous, dreamer, cool, friendly, fun loving, optimistic, impulsive, kind, funny, loyal, adventurous, caring

Gloria (hippo, Africa) – Sassy, understanding, beautiful, kind, caring, tough

Melman (giraffe, Africa) – Neurotic, worrisome, shy, kind, funny, frolicsome, loving, brave, caring

Skipper (penguin, Antarctica) – Ditzy, alert, hard boiled, dedicated, understanding, suspicious, kind, heroic, caring, tough

King Julien (lemur, Madagascar) – Absent minded, Romantic, Lazy, Stubborn, Kind, Funny, Arrogant, Hyper, Naïve

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