Local Company Gives LGS Students VIP Tour

Process Pump & Seal, Inc., founded in Cincinnati in 1984, recently welcomed LGS students for a behind-the-scenes tour of their local manufacturing facility. The company sells and services pumps, sealing devices, and specialty chemical products to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal customers throughout five states. 

Students of LGS applied skills and robotics classes witnessed how programming and robotics are used even in small industrial plants. Process Pump makes and produces large steel and iron pumps for buildings, sewers, damns, and other uses; students saw how to program a machine to cut metal into shape for use by the pumps. They were also shown how to clean, polish, paint and assemble parts for a pump.

The most impressive parts of the tour were when they experienced how the plant used hydraulics to lift large heavy pumps ad pips around the facility and onto a truck bed, and when they were able to reach into a sand blaster using long glove-like arms to clean rust off of metal.

Many students agreed it was a “cool” experience, and it was definitely exciting to see programming and engineering at work.

Thank you to Process Pump & Seal for taking time out of their work day for students from Linden Grove School!

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