Local Attractions Offer Unique Perspective of American History

LGS Summer Camp activities include community-based experiences which enrich learning activities while helping students feel engaged in their community.

During Summer Camp 2019 students visited two local attractions offering a unique perspective on American history:  EnterTRAINment Junction and the American Sign Museum.

EnterTRAINment Junction offers the world’s largest indoor train display. The display is separated into three sections displaying the history of rail transport in the United States: the Early Era (1860s through the 1900s), the Middle Era (1940s through the 1950s), and the Modern Era (1970s to the present). While the train displays represent the changes in technology and fuel supplies, including wood, coal, diesel and electricity, of greater impact is the depiction of diverse eras and regions of America, from early canal towns to contemporary urban cities. 

EnterTRAINment Junction also offers a play area, funhouse, and more. For information visit https://entertrainmentjunction.com/

The American Sign Museum offers a 100+ year history of American signage, from early wooden “trade signs” shaped and painted to represent shoes, watches or other items to a 1960s Frisch’s Big Boy statue, as well as contemporary neon and electric signs. The signs reflect the development of technology as well as – perhaps more importantly – how styles and ideas have changed. For example, the Big Boy statue became slimmer as healthier food options became more popular.  The signs also represent periods of leisure and entertainment in America, ranging from Holiday Inn “great signs” seen on American roadways in the 1950s through 1970s to more recent, local signs for dining and entertainment establishments.

Also located inside the American Sign Museum Building: Neonworks of Cincinnati. For more information visit https://www.americansignmuseum.org/

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