Our son is on grade level academically, he has grown more confident with his social skills and when his behavior goes awry, all kinds of modifications are made to help get him back on track. He has the most amazing teacher and aide who not only work with my son, but include my husband and I as well in the decision making process for either academics and/or behavior."

Angie from Loveland, OH

LGS has made such an impact on our boys. They have grown academically and socially. They have built friendships that make you cry when experiencing their conversation with peers. They love going to school and are always excited to return after break."

Jennifer from Fairfield, OH

LGS loves every kid by: providing personalized learning, creating flexible behavior plans, and reaching your unique child -- EVERY DAY, EVERY WAY."

Holly and Don from Milford, OH

What I love most about LGS is the incredible teachers and staff. Everyone does their best to make students happy and fulfilled."

Alexys from Cincinnati, OH

We are thankful for the wonderful teachers and staff. Linden Grove School has truly been a life changer for my son and I —my son has improved in his development! Thank you Linden Grove School!!!"

Shealynn from Northside, OH

I would tell parents considering LGS that they would have a hard time finding a school that has the whole package — other schools use similar methods, but they don't have everything LGS does."

Roger from Morrow, OH

We love LGS because they make our son feel happy. For once he loves school and is thriving socially, mentally, and emotionally."

Sarah & Rick from Hamilton, OH

Linden Grove School has experienced qualified staff members who share parents’ goals of helping our children to succeed. They have small teacher to student ratio, a non-stressful learning environment and therapies and strategies customized as needed."

Rhonda from Morrow, OH

To those considering enrolling their kids in LGS — you won’t regret it. Your kids will feel accepted, confident and make friends; and learning will be more enjoyable."

Heidi from Maineville, OH

We love LGS because we love to see our son happy and thriving! He loves his teachers and friends very much."

Ben from Cheviot, OH

I keep telling families how Linden Grove School has increased my son’s confidence and scholarship. The staff and faculty sincerely care about each child and it truly feels like a family — it's the best decision we ever made."

Wendy from Golf Manor, OH

Linden Grove School gave our family peace of mind. Our child is safe, well-cared for and getting an approriate education."

Julie from Mason, OH

The public school was unable to meet my son’s academic or social needs. Linden Grove School offered the individualized education that has made school a positive for him. The small class sizes, enrichment programs, trained and caring teachers and the sense of community found at Linden Grove School are unmatched in our region."

Jennifer from West Chester, OH

My son has thrived at Linden Grove School. He now has real friends to socialize with. He has also grown so much academically that I am surprised every year at how much gain he is making. My son is happy going to school and is proud of his accomplishments."

Jennifer from West Chester, OH

LGS changed our world for the better. Our child is happier which makes for a happier family over all. The child seen at school is the same child we see at home! He has only been at LGS for four months and has shown so much growth — I dare say “maturity” — in regard to behavior. His handwriting has significantly improved and his excitement for school in general has blossomed. We feel extraordinarily blessed to have found our way to LGS!"

Connie from Mt. Washington, OH

Linden Grove School has been truly amazing for my son. He has grown in leaps and bounds since beginning school at LGS. He is excited to start each school day with a smile on his face and a greeting for everyone he sees. The teachers and staff are encouraging, supportive, and accommodating. The make learning fun and provide a safe place for every child to grow and thrive"

Jennifer from Morrow, OH

What I love about LGS is my son’s smile every time he walks through the door to class. The reason for his smile is the amazing staff and the support they show my son."

Corinne from St. Bernard, OH

We are thrilled with our decision to enroll our son at LGS! Our son is being pushed to reach his full potential while being given the proper supports. I am comforted by the frequent communication with staff, and appreciative of the therapies and extra curricular activities available."

Denise from Mt. Orab, OH

As we are ending the first year for my son, I am excited to report that he has grown socially beyond my expectations! He went from having zero friends in public school to having more friends than we could have ever expected. Each of his teachers works together with us to create a student team to help him capitalize on his strengths and create a strategy to assist him with the challenges that he faces every day."

Sherri from Bridgetown, OH

Linden Grove School will work with your child through good and bad times. The staff will challenge your child academically and develop his social skills and good citizenship. Linden Grove School  feels like a family that really loves and cares for your child. Linden Grove will really help your child develop to their fullest potential."

Jennifer from West Chester, OH

We love LGS because of the incredible love, talent, patience and dedication of every staff member. In LGS, we found where our son fits and that is invaluable."

Christina & Stephen from Reading, OH

My son's math and reading skills have increased dramatically, especially in his first year at Linden Grove School. The social skills that are taught at school also show outside of school. He loves school and his teachers so much that he is disappointed if we tell him he is too sick to go to school when he has a cold."

Al from Fairfield, OH

We love LGS because of the incredible love, talent, patience and dedication of every staff member. In LGS, we found where our son fits and that is invaluable."

Christina and Stephen from Reading, OH

What we love most about Linden Grove School is how educated the teachers are to properly work with these special kids and pulling out their best potential with learning."

Heidi from Maineville, OH

Finally - a school that meets my son's needs! Small and personal - they get to know each child individually. My son is finally not dreading going to school. He's made friends and is able to meet daily expectations."

Julie from Loveland, OH

I absolutely recommend Linden Grove School to any parent with a special needs child. The small class sizes and amazing teachers and staff make all the difference."

Jennifer from Morrow, OH

This is our son's second year at LGS and he actually LOVES going to school. Due to the amazing direction of faculty and staff our son has grown from a quiet, introverted child to a brilliant, talkative wonderful young man."

Andrew and Chau from Greenhills, OH

Everyday my son comes home happy and says his day was awesome. He has made friends."

Kara from Deer Park, OH

The entire staff at LGS truly cares about unlocking the inner potential of every student. Staff members are involved in each student's education beyond their normal "teacher" roles, which is very rare and very special."

Andrew and Chau from Greenhills, OH

My son has grown academically and socially in so many ways while attending Linden Grove School. He has made friends and has the environment to help his academic needs be reached."

Gwen from Loveland, OH

To parents who are thinking about LGS for their student(s) I say breathe and just do it. You will find a community as a parent, but most of all your child’s needs will be met and LGS will exceed every expectation that you have. Words can not completely describe the experience, but the results will!"

Kristen from Union Twp, OH

I love the behavioral staff at LGS. I know they will provide my child the understanding, comfort, and emotional support she needs to thrive."

Julie from White Oak, OH

I thank God for this school every day! I have never dealt with such a kind, compassionate, and POSITIVE staff. The teachers, therapists, and administrative personnel are truly dedicated to their profession, and I see it among their interactions with the kids every day. My son said this morning, "Yay! I get to go to school!" Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of those words coming out of his mouth."

Kathryn from Amelia, OH

There are so many things I love about LGS, but the atmosphere is the best. Every teacher, staff, child, parent, family, and friend play major roles in how LGS shapes the lives and futures of the children who attend the school. It is a blessing to be a part of!"

Kristen from Union Twp, OH

I love LGS because they have made a safe, caring, accepting environment for my son to learn. I drop him off knowing I made the right choice for his education."

Brittney from Deer Park, OH

Linden Grove School is a place where all students of every level are motivated to succeed in a loving and caring manner. They individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of each and every student and make those students feel not only accepted, but VALUED as well. A parent couldn’t ask for more than that."

Angie from Loveland, OH

We love Linden Grove School because our son gets to be himself here. He has friends that like the same things he does and he can be comfortable with them. And I’ve made friends, too! Other moms and teachers have been a big part of our lives. I am so thankful for our Linden Grove School family!"

Amanda from Colerain Twp, OH

I love how much the teachers care for our kids. You can tell they have so much compassion. You don’t get that at every school. We are very lucky!"

Sara from Monfort Heights, OH

Linden Grove School staff are a blessing to me as a parent. They are knowledgeable about the boys, and very positive about their growth and overall development. They accept the boys for who they are and push them to keep gaining. I can’t imagine my sons in any other program or school."

Jennifer from Fairfield, OH

We chose Linden Grove School for many reasons: the expertise of the administration, teaches and staff; the fact that speech, occupational, music and art therapies were offered as part of the program; and most of all the small class sizes. We knew that with low class numbers, our son would get more of the attention that he needed and deserved!"

Angie from Loveland, OH