Our Staff

Katy Bachman

4-6 Team Teacher

Mrs. Bachman’s favorite thing about teaching at LGS is the kids and the sense of community. Walk into her classroom, and you know she also has a love for books and picture books! Unsurprisingly, her favorite activity is reading – preferably while laying by a pool or on a beach. And what is the food item(s) she simply cannot resist! Reese Cups and Kit-Kats!

Peg Ballard, M.Ed.

6-8 Team Teacher

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whom Ms. Ballard identifies as her biggest inspiration, asked: “What are you doing for others?” As an educator and a mentor, Ms. Ballard has taught and supported countless students and families, as well as coached and encouraged fellow staff members. In her free time, Ms. Ballard likes sipping iced tea, camping, and staying up-to-date with MSNBC.

Kiely Boone

6-8 Team Teacher

Mrs. Boone describes herself as outgoing, spontaneous and loving – and we couldn’t agree more! Her favorite thing about teaching at LGS is watching her students achieve both personal and academic goals. When traveling, Mrs. Boone enjoys the U.S. Virgin Islands with their beaches and “relaxed vibe,” and would like to learn to scuba dive and to explore coral reefs.

Matt Brill, M.S., BCBA

Behavior Coordinator

Sour candy, spike ball, smart phone and students. “Sour candy” is the thing Mr. Brill cannot resist, and “spike ball” is his favorite indoor/outdoor activity. His “smartphone” is the one thing he couldn’t live without. And “students”? The best thing about working at LGS, of course!

Jaime Bryant

6-8 Team Para Educator

Ms. Bryant is currently reading Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao, a novel about two girls growing up in rural India – each girl a shining light even in the worst of times. Ms. Bryant is a shining light at Linden Grove School, always with a smile for every student and staff person. How does Ms. Bryant describe herself? Confident, motivated and flexible!

Laura Detzel

Speech-Language Pathologist, K-2 Team

Mrs. Detzel, beginning her third year at LGS, loves getting to know each student’s unique personality and watching the students make progress. Her favorite vacation destination is a toss-up between the Grand Cayman and Harry Potter World – a tough choice! When at home, she loves her coffee and spending time in her garden.

Brooke Eagan

K-2 Team Para Educator

Miss Eagan’s favorite travel experience was a mission trip to Cancun, Mexico because “the people were so welcoming and appreciative, and we got to experience another culture.” At LGS, Miss Eagan’s favorite thing is working with the students, and her greatest inspiration is her niece, Ryann, a student on the 2-4 team. In her free time Miss Eagan enjoys reading and volleyball.

Elizabeth Ewers

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Ewers says if she could learn anything it would be to ride a motorcycle. Perhaps her interest is inspired by the book she is currently reading with her son: The Mouse and the Motorcycle. The one person she would most like to meet? Judy Garland, because “I love all musicals and she could sing!” Her favorite thing about working at LGS is our families – and it shows!

Chelsea Foster

PE Teacher/Para Educator

Miss Foster would love to learn to cook because “people ask me to bring paper towels to functions.” Her grandmother – her biggest inspiration and best friend – a great cook; Miss Foster especially loves her chicken and dumplings! Outside of LGS Miss Foster is busy with grad school and plays in a woman’s volleyball league; and she loves cranking up country music in her car.

Scott Fox M.A. CCC-SLP

Speech & Language Pathologist

Taylor Gross

2-4 Team Teacher

If she could write her autobiography, Ms. Gross would entitle it “Teacher Language: How to Use Kind Words in Every Situation.” She loves working at LGS because of the support teachers receive from OT’s, speech pathologists, behavior staff and others, because the team-approach makes teaching even more fulfilling. Her favorite travel destination? Utah, with its star-filled skies.

Ryan Hanson M.A. CCC-SLP

Speech & Language Pathologist

Ryan Hanson once spent 2 weeks in Nigeria living with locals, describing it as “an incredibly humbling experience living in a third world country.” Typical vacation time, however, involves boating in the summer and snow skiing in the winter. Wherever he goes, what is the one thing he can’t live without? His wife.

Erin Hoffman

Art Teacher/6-8 Team Teacher

Mrs. Hoffman appreciates the opportunity to work with LGS’s supportive and passionate staff — and an amazing group of students. Her favorite travel destination to-date is Paris, including Picasso’s studio and Van Gogh’s apartment; but she would love to visit more countries including New Zealand, Thailand, and Croatia. No doubt future trips will include her favorite pastime, watercolors!

Brendan Horell

2-4 Team Teacher

Mr. Horell cites his father as his greatest inspiration — the most patient, wisest, and caring person, with a genuine love for all people. In his free time, Mr. Horell loves Skyline Chili as well as board games and card games; and he cites his most memorable vacation spot as Niagara Falls, explaining, “It was truly humbling to stand in the presence of such a natural wonder.”

Michael Kennedy

6-8 Team Teacher

Mr. Kennedy would love to host a dinner party for Paul Brown, Walter Payton, Knute Rockne, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Nikola Tesla — Mr. Kennedy obviously has a love for sports and science! Regarding LGS, he states: “The students are my favorite part of working at Linden Grove School: they inspire and challenge me to be a better teacher and person.”

Maja Kinnear

Speech-Language Pathologist, 2-4 Team

Mrs. Kinnear says the best thing about working at LGS is “every day comes with a new challenge, a new adventure, a new success.” Her personal philosophy is “All you need is love, because if your decision-making is governed by love, you are unlikely to make huge mistakes.” Mrs. Kinnear favors ordering pizza for family/friends over a dinner party and, the thing she can’t resist? Nutella!

Dawn Klinczar

As Sensory Coordinator, Mrs. Klinczar helps develop a personal sensory plan for each student to maximize his or her learning potential. At home, Mrs. Klinczar finds her Zen in gardening. Her greatest treasure is her family – including the furry ones; and, if she won the lottery, she would open an animal sanctuary offering field trips for children.

Cathy Kron

6-8 Team Para Educator

Mrs. Kron would love to learn to play the drums – and it’s easy to imagine her playing along to her favorite songs by The Pretenders and the Grateful Dead! Her greatest inspiration is Susan Norwell, a highly recognized and high energy special education consultant known for her work with a wide array of students on the Autism Spectrum and with Rett Syndrome.

Leah Kubachka

4-6 Team Teacher

Three words Mrs. Kubachka uses to describe herself are: mom, organized, and determined. Her favorite things about working at LGS are the people she works with, the programs offered by LGS, and the reward of seeing her students’ accomplishments. Her ideal vacation is relaxing on a beach with a stack of romance novels. The one thing she can’t resist? Holiday shaped Reese Cups!

Jason Loar

6-8 Team Teacher

Mr. Loar cites as his greatest inspiration Bill Nye the Science Guy, and would have loved to meet Stephen Hawking “to learn about the universe through his eyes.” He loves teaching at LGS because “the whole staff is willing to help anyone out at any time — they are the friendliest group of people I have ever worked with.” Mr. Loar is valued for his caring nature and creativity.

Peter Lovaas

Behavior Assistant

During the school day, Mr. Lovaas is a highly valued behavior assistant; after school, he is the creator and leader of Linden Grove School’s Dingoes — a scout group whose motto is “I will work hard. I will have fun.” Mr. Lovaas says the one thing he couldn’t live without is his running shoes. And his favorite vacation spot? The western slopes of the Rockies for their spectacular views.

Jenny McGraw

4-6 Team Teacher

Ms. McGraw describes herself as driven, thoughtful, and understanding; colleagues and parents might describe her as “happy — from the inside out.” She always sees the positive, and she takes joy in daily activities, especially when they involve her two children! It’s no surprise she sites beautiful California as a favorite place to travel because of its “perfect mix of mountains and ocean.”

Matt Mobilio, M.Ed.

Director of Technology

As Director of Technology Mr. Mobilio oversees the use of technology for educational and business purposes, but his favorite thing about working at LGS is Robotics! In his free he likes playing guitar (Kurt Cobain is his guitar hero) and listening to the English rock band Radiohead. And what’s the one thing he simply can’t resist? Cashews.

Whitney Moore

6-8 Team Teacher

“Amazing”! That’s how Ms. Moore often describe student projects as well as the students themselves, explaining, “Each student is unique and brings happiness into the classroom in different ways; I learn as much from them as they do from me!” When she’s not teaching Ms. Moore loves sports and games ranging from softball to Skip-Bo, (and she’s very competitive!)  

Cindy Naveh, M.Ed.

4-6 Team Teacher

Mrs. Naveh’s personal philosophy is “Be the best person you can be every day,” and it shows in her daily interactions with students and adults. Her favorite things about LGS are the added supports provided to help students succeed, and that LGS students feel “safe” being themselves. Outside of school, her favorite activities are hiking and snorkeling, preferably in Hawaii!

Christine Nieport, M.Ed.

Director of Student Services

Mrs. Nieport loves the sense of community at Linden Grove School and how everyone — staff students and families — care about each other and want to see everyone succeed. She is a HUGE Disney fan and if she won the lottery, (and after doing sensible things like paying off her mortgage,) she would plan trips to every Disney location around the world.

Cat Perlson

K-2 Team Teacher

If she could be any animal Ms. Perlson would be a unicorn “because they are AMAZING!” As a teacher at Linden Grove School, she loves watching the miracles that happen every day. Ms. Perlson cannot resist karaoke and peanut butter, (though not necessarily in that order;) and if she could meet anyone it would be Jim Henson and, in turn, all of her favorite Muppets!

Jesse Ross, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Morgan Schwegler

4-6 Team Para Educator

Ms. Schwegler says if she won the lottery the first thing she would do is donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The second thing, no doubt, would be to throw a party and invite anyone and everyone — that’s just who she is. Her favorite activity is four wheeler riding and the thing she simply can’t resist . . . a Twix bar!

Shawn Scott

Business Coordinator

Like many of us, Mr. Scott loves a good cup of coffee in the morning. If he won the lottery, he states the first thing he would do is indulge in a tasting menu at a great restaurant. The thing Mr. Scott likes best about working at LGS is the school’s unique services which positively impact students and families. The thing he values most personally? The comfort of family and friends.

Trisha Sigurdson

6-8 Team Para Educator

“Live each day with purpose and kindness to others,” is Mrs. Sigurdson’s personal philosophy — and she lives it! If Mrs. Sigurdson could meet anyone, living or dead, she says it would be Princess Diana because “She was a first class lady that cared for others and made people feel special and loved.” Her favorite vacation? A peaceful family vacation in the Grand Caymans!

Rachel Stanovich, M.A., BCaBA

Social Skills/ABA Specialist

As the proud new owner of a library card, Mrs. Stanovich is reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, with Jodi Picoult being a current favorite. She also enjoys all kinds of music, and has an incredible knack for picking up song lyrics. Mrs. Stanovich loves working at Linden Grove School because the sense of community makes you truly feel like you are a part of something.

Kerry Stegman

K-2 Team Para Educator

James Stephenson

Music Teacher

Candace Stevens

Behavior Coordinator

If Ms. Stevens could be any animal it would be a hummingbird because “they’re beautiful and never in one place for too long.” As a behavior coordinator, Ms. Stevens moves throughout the building every day, never staying in one place too long, helping students “become all that they can be.” When she’s not at LGS, she enjoys Starbucks, baking/cooking, and hiking.

Jen Stolze

2-4 Team Teacher

“Take Chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy!” is the motto of The Magic School Bus’s Ms. Frizzle, and Ms. Stolze. Ms. Stolze also LOVES everything Harry Potter, and would love to hear the untold stories. When she’s not at LGS Ms. Stolze loves spending time with her niece and also playing with her four dogs.

Kristin Tennyson

Head of School

Mrs. Tennyson states her biggest inspiration are her kids because “they make me want to be the best I can be and they push me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise try.” Mrs. Tennyson also identifies her Grandma Thate as the person she would most like to spend more time with “to learn everything about her life . . . something you don’t realize is important when you’re a kid.”

Amy Trautmann, M.Ed.

6-8 Team Teacher

Mrs. Trautmann’s new favorite pastime is taking walks with her baby, Owen. Other favorite things include coffee and cookies right out of the oven – YUM! Like many other staff, Mrs. Trautmann says the best part about working at LGS is “I look forward to coming to work every day.” Her biggest inspiration is her mom, “the ultimate example of a selfless life.”

Christina Waddle

Director of Development

As Director of Development, Ms. Waddle is responsible for Linden Grove School’s Signature event and Crazy Golf, as well as the school’s website, newsletters, Facebook posts, and more. Outside of school, Ms. Waddle is a voracious reader (80 to 100 books a year!) and enjoys listening to music, cooking, or simply relaxing with her feline housemate Finnegan.

Julie Wagner

K-2 Team Teacher

Ms. Wagner says her favorite vacation was to Jamaica where she climbed the Dunes River Falls – one of the country’s greatest treasures. If she won the lottery, Ms. Wagner would pay off her house and her car, and then buy a lime green Jeep Wrangler. Her love of adventure also shows in her enthusiasm for teaching and working with LGS’s youngest students – and we are grateful!

Alexandra Wilson MT-BC

Music Teacher

Margaret Wink

2-4 Team Teacher

Mrs. Wink is new to LGS this year, and appreciates the community feel among the staff and how they support one another. In her free time she enjoys TedTalks, dystopian novels, running and bubble baths. Because of her love of history, her favorite travel destination is Washington D.C.

Emily Woebkenberg

Specials Para Educator

Ms. Woebkenberg says the one thing she could not live without is dance – she has been dancing for 20 years! Her favorite travel destination to date is China, where Ms. Woebkenberg enjoyed learning about their culture and traditions, and viewing the breathtaking Wall of China. But her favorite inspiration? Her mother, a teacher for 30 years as well as a published author.

Kendall Wolowicz

Behavior Specialist K-2 Team

Miss Wolowicz says her favorite thing about joining the LGS team in the fall of 2018 is “seeing friendly faces everywhere you turn!” She absolutely cannot resist anything with carbs and cheese and would love to travel to Italy (mostly because of the carbs and cheese.) Her greatest inspiration? Her mom, “the kindest woman I know and I strive every day to make her proud.”

Bridget Wuebbling, M.Ed., BCBA

Director of Education

Wandering is Ms. Wuebbling’s favorite activity, whether it be on the trails of Mt. Airy Forest, the streets of Paris, or the blocks of her Cincinnati neighborhood. She also believes “each person’s path through life is unique,” adding that it is important to ask questions and experience things for yourself to find the path that makes sense for you.

Lee Jean Zech

4-6 Team Para Educator

For Mrs. Zech, the best part about working at LGS is “the look on the kid’s face when the new lesson finally clicks.” In her free time she enjoys reading, especially the She Can Series of romantic suspense/mystery novels by Melinda Leigh. And if she won the lottery, Mrs. Zech would first set-up college funds for all of her grandchildren and then take another trip to Ireland!