LGS Parents, Foundation Support Applied Skills Upgrade


LGS Parents and a national foundation are providing valuable support to upgrade the school’s Applied Skills program for the 2017-2018 academic year.

For the past three years, the 6-8 Applied Skills students have operated a weekly breakfast service for staff at Linden Grove School and St. Saviour Church. Students create the menu, take orders, prepare and serve the food, and then collect money for the service – and tips! Students then use the money for class outings, service projects, and other activities. More important, students develop valuable life and work skills.

While LGS owns a stove, to ensure student safety the Applied Skills room needed to install a range hood with a fire suppression system.

That’s where LGS parents stepped in, reaching out to friends and family to help locate a range hood and also providing professional expertise in guiding school staff in the execution of its installation.

While many people offered to donate time and expertise for the project – and help secure a hood at cost – the hood was still an expensive expenditure for LGS. Fortunately, a national foundation dedicated to creating opportunities for kids provided an anonymous financial gift to purchase the hood.

Linden Grove School is truly grateful for everyone who gave time and expertise for this project, with special thanks to Brent Sears for his professional guidance.

Enjoy these pictures of our students at work in the Applied Skills program in 2016-17.

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