LGS Café Prepares for New Year

LGS Applied Skills students utilized their trip to Irons Fruit Farm to provide a treat for LGS staff and create a test run for Café services throughout the upcoming year.

Early in the week, the Applied Skills team asked LGS staff members to order apple pie or crisp, with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

On their field trip to Irons Fruit Farm in Lebanon, Ohio, 6-8 team Applied Skills students explored the aspects of running a farm and a store offering jams, jellies and applesauce as well as donuts, pies and cookies. More importantly, students purchased the appropriate apples for their menu offerings to LGS staff.

Armed with bags of carefully selected apples, students returned to LGS to peel and slice the fruit to make pies and crisps. Students also helped measure and blend ingredients for the pie shells and crumb toppings. Once the pies and crisps were baked, individual servings with whipped topping or vanilla ice cream were delivered to LGS staff members with a smile and a request for payment: $2 per serving – what a deal!

Later this fall, café students will resume Friday breakfasts for LGS and St. Saviour staff members. Students take orders early in the week, then shop for ingredients, and on Fridays prepare and deliver orders. Available items range from fresh fruit and oatmeal to breakfast sandwiches. Proceeds from the sales and related tips are used for community outings and service projects.

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