LGS Awarded Grants for Diversity, Inclusion Efforts

Greater Cincinnati Foundation has awarded two grants to Linden Grove School to support classroom activities related to diversity and inclusion.

The first grant will support efforts designed to help K-4 students learn about different cultures through stories, visiting programs, classroom activities, and school celebrations. Part of the funds will be used to purchase storybooks such as Saturday, Dreamers, The Name Jar, and The Proudest Blue. Additional funds will be used for visiting programs and performances, as well as supplies for classroom activities and school celebrations related to cultural traditions from around the world. The ultimate goal is to foster in students an open-mindedness when experiencing differences in culture, lifestyle, or thoughts.

The second grant will fund resources and visiting programs to help 4-8 grade students explore multiple, differing perspectives of important historical events: for example, studies of the arrival of Christopher Columbus, early European colonists, and the first Thanksgiving including the Native American perspective; and a study of the abolitionist movement and Underground Railroad from the varying perspectives of abolitionists and African-American slaves. Activities will deepen students’ understanding of history while encouraging social competencies important for living and working in a diverse community.

Applications for grant funds were made as part of Linden Grove School’s increasing commitment to encourage in our students and staff the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and attitudes to understand and appreciate our differences and our common humanity.

For more information contact Christina Waddle, Director of Development.

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