LGS Awarded 3D Printing Package

3D printing will become part of LGS learning resources thanks to a grant from the GE Additive Education Program.
As a grant recipient, LGS will receive two 3D printers with supplies, STEAMtrax curricula and kits for classroom use, webinars and training for LGS staff, and more.
The 3D printing package will expand hands-on learning opportunities across multiple grades and academic areas, while encouraging critical thinking skills and providing exposure to 21st century technologies. For example, the “Tinkering Turbines” kit challenges students to design, print and test a wind turbine model that transforms wind energy into electrical energy. In social studies, 3D printing can be used to create topographical maps to depict geographic features or models of structures and artifacts from ancient civilizations.
The grant is part of an initiative by GE to develop the skills of today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce. Priority for donations was given to schools with strong STEM programs. 
Hands-on activities engaging multiple senses increases student learning and retention. Examples include building catapults from craft sticks to understand simple machines, as well as creating the scene from an historical novel using LEGO™ Build to Express kits.
3D printing will enable LGS to create new hands-on learning activities, while exposing students to 21st century technologies.

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