LGS Alum Spends Spring Break Giving Back

Collin Leonard ’11 works with Bennett Grady on
a robotics project

Collin Leonard (LGS class of 2011) spent part of his spring break from Marshall University giving back to his alma mater.

Collin shared college experiences and various tips for success in school with current 6-8 team students, and also spent time helping out in the Robotics I class.

Following LGS, Collin went on to Purcell Marian high school, which he described as “fun” but cautioned students that there’s more work in high school adding, “Even on weekends you’re doing homework.” And he explained, “Grades matter in high school if you want to go to college, and grades are important in college if you want to get a good job.”

Collin is enjoying college more than he did high school largely, he says, because of “the feeling of being independent.” He lives in a dorm at Marshall where “your parents aren’t there so you have to learn how to take care of yourself.” But, he explains, you get to meet people and if you have a roommate, “they basically become part of the family.”

This semester Collin has 4 classes: education, history and two geography classes. He’s majoring in special education with an emphasis in history.

He had lots of great tips for current LGS students, including the benefits of being organized and creating a schedule for yourself. He also emphasized the importance of communication and being a self-advocate adding, “It’s important you have a voice.” He recommended talking to teachers after class or during a free period and asking questions like “What do I need to know?”

But it isn’t all work for Collin. He joined the swim team in high school and said it helped him to focus and to keep a schedule. In college he’s enjoying art club and had some recommendations for art apps and software for LGS classes. But in general he likes to spend his free time simply hanging out with friends.

Thank you, Collin, for taking the time to visit your alma mater and share experiences and advice with current staff and students!

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