Let’s Get Moving!

Linden Grove School physical education students started out 2017 by setting fitness goals with the help of Mr. Foster.

The goals are displayed on a 2nd floor bulletin board with the title: “Let’s Get Moving!”

Students listed various activities for living a healthier lifestyle ranging from “play with my brother” and “work harder in gym class,” to “play Kinect” and “do cartwheels twice a week.”

LGS staff members were motivated to add fitness goals to the bulletin board as well, so don’t be surprised if you see some walking around the building during their lunch period of after school.

Stay tuned for more great updates from PE teacher Ms. Foster. We’re looking forward to outdoor activities when the weather gets warmer, and hearing more about student preparations to complete the Flying Pig Marathon distance in increments.

In the meantime, LET’S GET MOVING!


Gavin Duryea helps Ms. Foster set up bowling pins during a recent PE class.


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