Let’s Get Back to School—Safely

Welcoming new students, returning students, teachers and staff to LGS for the new school year is always an exciting time. In this unique year, we also have new challenges to meet and conquer. We will be working hard on the following six measures to ensure our school community stays healthy while we enjoy learning and being together. For more information, read LGS’s full Return to School Plan.

  1. Use hand sanitizer properly.
    Good hand hygiene can help protect students and staff against COVID-19 and slow the spread of the novel virus. In addition to encouraging effective handwashing, LGS has installed automatic hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building. Learn how to use hand sanitizer properly.
  1. I’m here. You’re there. Practice physical distancing.
    As restaurants and attractions re-open and parents and students prepare for a new school year, talking to kids about social distancing is important to help everyone stay healthy.
  1. Stay calm—it’s contagious!
    Being calm helps keep you healthy—and it’s infectious! Help yourself and those around you by learning calming strategies. Watch this video from Cincinnati Children’s Development and Behavioral Pediatrics.
  1. Manage the stress of a new school year.
    The start of a new school year can be stressful at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. Students returning to school buildings will have to adjust to new protocols such as wearing facemasks and staying physically distant from friends. Those continuing distance learning may struggle with feelings of isolation. Read how you can help your student maintain good mental health.     
  1. Learning from home?
    As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, schools are offering options for in-person and remote learning and perhaps a combination. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers recommendations for families whose students will be learning from home this fall.
  2. z-z-z-z … Develop good sleep habits.
    Healthy sleep habits and routines can help students and adults avoid illness, reduce stress, think more clearly at school or work, interact better with people, and more. Amid COVID-19, focusing on sleep can offer tremendous benefits. The Sleep Foundation offers steps on how to improve sleep.
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