Learning through Science Projects

LGS 4-6 team science classes are taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in a local science fair.

Science is all around us — in our bodies, in nature, through cooking gardening, just to name a few.

Developing and displaying science experiments offers a range of opportunities including:

  • Working effectively in groups
  • Reading books and other resources to explore concepts
  • Developing the ability to determine the sequencing of steps necessary to carry out an experiment
  • Predicting what will happen in the experiment based on available resources
  • Developing observational skills
  • Using our five senses to record observed changes
  • Encouraging discussion about observed changes
  • Exploring cause and effect through various materials
  • Developing an inquisitive mind
  • Determining the best way to present findings

Current experiments being conducted include the growing of grass in different conditions (amount of sunlight, water, etc.) and also the growing of basil using alkaline vs. acidic materials.


  • Inside LGS

  • Community Events